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XLRstats is the only Real Time game stats program out there. When you make a kill in game, it's in the stats at the very same moment! No cronjobs and perl programs to generate statistics... REAL TIME!

XLRstats is a statistics plugin for BigBrotherBot (B3) and it stores all kill-events in a mySQL database. Stats are available in game using the !xlrstats command in chat, but much more can be viewed in the XLRstats webfront!

Analyze your weaponusage, where do you hit your enemies, who are your worst enemies... all this and more information is available on the site.

Version 2 comes with ranks, medals and several templates. With the templates it's very easy to create your own look and feel. Create your own template matching your clans website... no problem.


If you find this piece of software an addition to your community you're free to make a donation for me to upgrade my hardware/serverbox and continue putting time and effort in these kinds of things.

Template previews:

Template previews are now available by using the stylepicker in our demo (scroll down you'll see it in the bottom left area of the site). This feature can be disabled in the configfile.

Clansearch Filter:

A checkbox is added to the search facility to generate filtered toplists. Awards will not be filtered. This clansearch feature can be disabled in the config.


Currently we are adding many new features to XLRstats. The plugin is getting new functionality: assistbonusses.
This wil reward players that contribute to a kill with a bonus based on the same ELO calculation as for a kill, a percentage of that skill increase.

A new addon was made: xlrstatshistory. A plugin that makes monthly and weekly snapshots. This is rendered into a graph to show skill over the last weeks/months. Good for analyzing skill progress.

Also a first draft of an admin interface for the webfront is in the making. You can expect features like resetting a players stats and stuff here.

Please keep those suggestions and comments coming (in our forums on the B3 forums).


  • Gamelauncher buttons (xfire, gsc, qtracker, hlsw)
  • Stylepicker, for choosing your favorit template (session only)
  • Clantag filter
  • GeoIP lookups for players, showing what country the player is from.
  • Added ability to save your statspage in a cookie, 'MyStat' link will appear in the top menu.
  • Limit personal playerstats for unregistered players.
  • Countryflags to the current playerlist.
  • Multiserver support
  • Worldmap for current players
  • Webinstaller
  • Language support
  • Award toplists (Who's competing for the awards)
  • Browsable toplists (multipage)

Live demo:



If you have issues feel free to post them in the forums.

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