Project Credits

These members of the community have contributed as a core developer, ordered by date.

  • ThorN
  • xlr8or
  • ttlogic
  • Courgette
  • Bakes
  • spacepig
  • Durzo
  • eire.32
  • grosbedo
  • Freelander
  • 82ndAB.Bravo17
  • Just a baka

and a big thanks to you, who has offered us snippets of code and improvements on an incidental basis. Without you B3 wouldn't be this intelligent!


Project History

History of B3

The first draft of B3 was designed by Thorn (Michael Thornton) in 2005. The design concept Thorn introduced was new for the game administration field:


Project Rules

How to become a member of our team

  1. First of all you have to be 18 years of age, so you are able to sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) with game developing studios for pre-release access to games and gameservers.
  2. You must have contributed code, significantly, to the B3 project or a B3 affiliated project for a reasonable time.
  3. You will have to disclose your personal information to the project management.


Project member overview

Project Positions

Project Management is responsible for all decisions affecting B3. Not only programmatic, but also regarding the project fund and used tools. Project Management is the only official communications channel. Feel free to verify news or 'rumors' when in doubt (see contact page).


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